Wednesday, September 27, 2006


I'm trying to plan a short mountain jaunt to see the fall color. I've pretty much decided on a two day tour of the Cherokee Foothills Highway, a 115 mile scenic road that runs from Gaffney to the GA/SC border.

What I'd like to do is stay somewhere in the middle - around Greenville - and tour the highway in two chunks, one way one day, the other way the next day. That'll leave plenty of time for hiking to waterfalls and stopping by interesting places.

Problem is what appears to be a profound lack of hotels in the area. I have been told about cabins for rent in a couple of the state parks, but I am afraid to book one sight unseen. Remember, my idea of "roughing it" is a hotel without room service.

I'm looking at two B&B's in Landrum - The Red Horse Inn and the Barking Fox Farm. Anyone out there in blog land know of them? Or anything else in the region you'd like to suggest?

Loki sez: What do you mean you are going out of town? Who will feed me? I mean, us? How will we open the cans? We don't have thumbs! We'll starve! That's right, starve! You'll come home to three dried up cat skeletons and it'll all be your fault! I...what? Oh, granny is coming to feed us? Nevermind.


Agricola said...

Hwy 25, which runs from Greenville to Hendersonville, neatly bisects Hwy 11 (Foothills Parkway). If you take 25 north, a 25 minute drive gets you to the Flat Rock - Hendersonville - Saluda area.....there are many rooming choices, from B&Bs to cabins, to motels, many of which are available via the Internet. If you don't have any luck, e-mail me and I will have my travel agent (wife) send you some links that she has used in the past.

JanetLee said...

Thanks! I will check it out. I like B&B's, but then again I don't because we tend to get up and out very early - 7am-ish so Jason can have good light for photography - and I'd feel like I was waking the whole house up in some of the smaller inns.

Jason said...

The SCPG is planning a falls trip to the Oconee park for the last weekend on October 29th, (which is up that way and it looks to be about when the colors hit their peak from the forest service reports), so y'all are more then welcome to meet up with us for some scenic walks and shots of the area! :)

JanetLee said...

Jason - thanks for the invite, but I'm working that weekend!