Thursday, September 07, 2006

Warning: Girl Stuff Discussed!

Ah. The tiniest bit of coolness in the air. Forecast highs in the 80's. The first hints that autumn is on the way. Well, other than the Halloween decorations and candy I saw in the grocery store yesterday. Next week the Christmas stuff is coming out, I'll bet.

For some, fall is the return to school.

For me, it is the return to the doctor.

Annual physical time. Yeah! Whoo-hoo! Yipee! Sorry, just trying to rustle up some enthusiasm. My list of things to talk to my doc about gets longer every year.

A lot of women schedule this near their birthdays so they don't forget. I'm sorry, but a pap smear and mammogram aren't exactly the kind of birthday present I want to get.

And speaking of mammograms. I've said it before and I'll say it again: if men had to have their testicles squashed flat between two plexiglass plates every year, there would be an "advancement in technology" before the week was out. And there is a new way to do mammograms, where you lie down with your chest in water and they use sonography (not sure if that is the absolute correct term). And why isn't it in use everywhere? Costs too much to replace existing equipment, train operators, train the docs to read them. Again, I say, if it were men's balls.......

Okay, off to drink water so I can pee in the cup.


Heather said...

I was in a meeting the other day and one of my friends realized she had been in the building before.

"Hey, I've had a pap smear here!"

Ahh, memories.

Agricola said...

With all due respect, and with all dignity implied, IMHO a testicle is not nearly as valuable as a breast in the malecentric universe I occupy. And, since the mysterious cloud that surrounds matters of the female sex prevents us men from understanding this issue, and others, we march through life blissfully unaware of much of your pain.