Monday, September 04, 2006

Monday, Monday

I love this day. Usually means no more work for me. But I spend it in a sleep deprived state of semi-lucidness, just waiting until it's late enough to go to bed.

Funniest/strangest thing anyone has said to me: (back in the day when I was only packing around 115 on my 5'8" frame) "You're so skinny. If you were pretty, you could be a model."

Um. Thanks? I think what I said was, "Yeah, right."

And while I am on the subject. Once, I was walking across a parking lot and a total stranger yelled, "Hey Allie, go eat a McBeal-burger." Her friend laughed along.

Luckily, I'm all fluffy now, so people don't need to make fun of me any more.

For Pete's sake.

Thor sez: Humans are strange.
Photo by Jason Zwiker

P.S. To our ANOTHER TROPICAL STORM!!!!! friends - as of 0500 - this little blob is approximately 2,700 miles away. Two THOUSAND. Seven HUNDRED. MILES. AWAY.

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