Friday, September 08, 2006


Who is to "blame" for Bin Laden. There is a lot of talk about fault these last few days. Here is the thing, Bin Laden is at fault.

Even a casual reader of my blog would know that when I'm not being lazy and posting inane cat pictures, I am not a George Bush fan.

But Bin Laden is not his "fault". (I don't agree with how The Decider has decided to deal with it, but that isn't what is being discussed.) Holy Alliteration Decider-Man, that's way too many d's for only one cup of coffee.

If one must affix blame to someone, then let us travel back to the 1980's when Reagan's administration was ALL about this young upstart and his band of merry men fighting off the mighty Soviet Army in the mountains of Afghanistan. How his administration sent equipment and people to train Bin Laden. Why? So that the Soviet Union would be bogged down in an unwinnable war, drain its economy, devastate its armed forces, demoralize and polarize its people, leading to its collapse.

Just as before that, we trained and equipped our buddy, Saddam Hussein, over in Iraq when we were all mad at the Iranians for the whole nasty Embassy thing.

Maybe we should start being a little more careful about who we crawl into bed with.

Loki sez: I'm not too sure about this fellow.

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Uncle Zoloft said...

Amen Sister Janetlee!

All of Osma's military equipment came for the US. The US was closely alligned to Saudia Arabia. The Bin Laden's and Bush's go way back.

I guess many people are to darn busy to follow things. Too many danged people would rather absorb "sound bites" then follow the money. And it's all about money isn't it?

In short the GOP seeks to keep Americans poor, scared and busy. The prolem with their strategy is there comes a point, when the bullies have no one else to bully, then they start going after one another. That's the time we will need a few hero's to step up to the plate, clean house and get us back on track.