Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Henry Brown E-mail

Some time back, I wrote an email message to my (well, to the rich, white, male, heterosexual members of the 1st District's) representative, the lovely Henry Brown.

My email was on the subject of potential oil drilling off the coast of South Carolina and how I thought that would have vast risks to our eco-system and our tourist dollars (imagine the snootie-tooties at the Sanctuary at Kiawah having to wipe black tar off their lily white tootsies after a stroll on the beach).

I also told Mr. Brown that the answer to America's dependence on foreign oil was not to continue to use the same old oil, but to fund research to find RENEWABLE sources of fuel so that eventually we wouldn't need nary a drop from foreign countries and perhaps said countries might even begin to look to the U.S. for their energy needs.

Well, yesterday I received a very nice letter from Mr. Brown reminding me of how our dependence on foreign countries for oil puts the U.S. in a "vunerable position". He lapses in to the same short-sighted, to hell with the future, I'll be dead by then mentality that the ONLY way to protect America is to drill for our own oil.

Mr. Brown? Can you say 'temporary solution'? Big words, I know, but I believe you can do it.

Then, to reassure me that South Carolina's coastlines will be safe, he explains to me that the H.R. 4761 bill, the Domestic Energy Production through Offshore Exploration and Equitable Treatment of State Holdings Act will "allow states to opt out participating in the offshore exploration, but for those that choose to do so, they can explore within 125 miles of the coastline."

Well, THAT certainly reassures me. Because if Florida or Georgia decide to allow offshore drilling, oh excuse me, EXPLORATION, then all that oil will just stay right down there. Any spilled oil or by-products of drilling will understand that S.C. has opted out and it won't get in the Gulf Stream to come up here and pollute our ocean and beaches and rivers. No, we've opted out, so we'll be safe.

And I just love this part: "Currently many progressive countries such as Canada, Sweden, Norway and Australia are drilling off their coasts for natural gas and they are doing it in a manner which is clean efficient and safe."

Oh, toss the liberal a bone to chew on. Those tree-huggers are so stupid that if you tell them that drilling for NATURAL GAS is clean, they will just think that drilling for CRUDE OIL is clean and safe too. Oh, and use the word "progressive", liberals love that word. It makes them all tingly and warm inside.

No where in this letter did Mr. Brown address the idea of funding research to find, once again, RENEWABLE sources of energy. So, once again, American is not dependent on anyone at any time for any source of energy. So that perhaps, we will be the leader in energy production.

But I suppose he wants to be re-elected and people like me don't get him elected. Oil companies get him elected. And with Big Oil raking in profits of $1,000 a second, I guess they can buy anyone they want, smear anyone they want, destroy or make careers, all in their best interests. Their control over the Middle East oil production is wobbling out of control, so they need to find another place to rake in money, local people and environments be damned.

Second cup of coffee.
Subject change.

Note for Yankees: It is now August, the only month in which it is appropriate to complain about the weather. But, as always, no comment should begin with the phrase: "Well, back home". If it were better back home, please go there and stop bothering me. Thank you very much.

I feel guilty about all the Thor pictures, so here is a random kitten picture:

Thor and Loki at about three months of age


Heather said...

My husband is from Minnesota. His relatives often call and ask us if it is hot enough for us. Hmm, since their readings have reached the triple digits they've been unusually quiet.

Pam said...

I wish I wasn't so tired, or I'd join your "exploration" tirade. I'll get to it soon - but just knows that the logic drives me insane too!

If it's any comfort, my friend that lives outside of Philadelphia emailed today to say it was 101 there today. And my brother, who lives in Vermont (with no AC) said it was miserable. But what does he know - it'll be snowing there in two weeks!