Thursday, August 31, 2006

I was trying to get in the storm frenzy mood. Really, I was. My plan was to take pictures of the same view from my front porch every hour to document the conditions.

It drizzled. It rained. It drizzled. It rained. High tide came and the storm drain backed up a little. I braved the raging drizzle and light breeze (maybe it was the eye passing) to wander out to look at the creek. It was high tide. Whoo-hoo.

zzzzzz....huh? Oh yeah, I was reporting on The Storm.

I can say that here in West Ashley: it rained some.

I know that much of this is due to the Katrina effect. Any person in any organization from all levels of government down to utilities are afraid that if anything goes wrong with anyones life at any time during The Storm, they will be blamed.

But Oh! My! Gawd! I saw one local reporter standing, bare headed, no umbrella, out report the conditions. Next time there is a run of the mill thunderstorm, are we going to see him standing out there, bravely clutching his microphone, risking his very LIFE for us? Or was he auditioning for a job at The Weather Channel, perhaps dreaming that some day, when he is a grown up meteorologist, he could be the next Jim Cantore?

But it was, I guess, a great practice run for if a real hurricane happens to wander by. Never mind that we'll all be without power at such a time.

I'm just glad we all survived The Storm of the Year (so far).

Thor sez: Is it over yet?
Loki sez: Huh? Is it supper time?
Photo by Jason Zwiker


Pam said...

I had a wonderful rainy day here in the 'north country'. I petted the cat and the dogs, stood up a few times, went for a walk in the rain, and looked out the window. Yep, if I had reported (on the hour) the state of my day...well, just trust me that it would have been THRILLING. Off to feed the cat myself... :)

Paul said...

Local weathermen and women (like Bill Walsh and Rob Fowler) milk these storms (regardless of severity) for all that they are worth.Just give us the facts folks not a damnaed soap opera!