Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I feel like I should re-post Hurricanes for Yankees. People need to calm down. Some of us have Hugo related post-traumatic stress disorder and we don't need the newbies freaking out all over the place because it might be a little windy and rainy later on this week. Plus I really don't want to be put in lock-down at the hospital and have to sleep on some nasty ass disgusting floor somewhere.

In addition, I have to take Sutu the Amazing Shrinking Cat to the vet this morning. His weight seems to have stablized around 7 pounds (he was 10 pounds), but I'm afraid he's going to go Karen Carpenter on me at any moment. I want to retest his thyroid functions. Every other test we've done is normal. I don't think he is faking. He acts like we are starving him to death and I'm down to giving him lactose-free baby formula to try to get some extra calories in him because he hates everything else I've offered.

And I have still have to finish three books for my continuing education thing at work, which is a separate deal than the certification test I had to take. And I have laundry to do. And the back room rug looks like we shaved a cat on it.

So I suppose the moral is I need to get off my behind today.

Loki sez: How do you think I would look with a moustache?

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