Friday, August 11, 2006

Kudos to the British authorities for uncovering the plot to blow up airplanes.

This is the kind of work that will win the "war on terror".

Not invasions of countries. Not bogging our troops down.

This is what has pissed me off about how the present administration has handled this "war".

We are not fighting a country. We are fighting (at best) a loosely organized group of militants with no real central authority. They aren't getting together for terrorist conventions. They operate in the dark and scurry like the roaches they are when the light is turned on their activities.

Instead of sinking all this money (and the pure waste of life and limb) in Iraq, we should be increasing our intelligence capabilities on the ground in the suspect countries (Not waiting until they start contacting American citizens to do their dirty work for them). We should be infiltrating their network to such a degree that the little groups are afraid to talk to each other, not able to trust each other.

And we need to stop appeasing Bush's hand-holding buddies in Saudi by actually catching Bin Laden and cutting off the money train he supplies.

I heard yesterday some pundits saying that this proves how the "liberals" were wrong about wanting to serve cookies and tea to the terrorists. I don't know what liberals they've been listening to (well, actually I do, they seek out the most outrageous and singular opinion they can find, then label it what "liberals" think. And to be fair, the "liberals" do the same to the "right").

Every liberal I know has only disagreed with the method this administration has used to fight this war.

You don't kill roaches by turning on the lights and making noise. You sneak up on them in the dark and poison them in their nests.

And another thing. Airport security needs to be at the highest levels all the time. Shut up you whiney asses who don't want to wait in line. Too bad. That is the way it is. The mention of a "plot" should never, ever disrupt airline travel like it did yesterday and has in the past. Security should be such that it doesn't matter that someone said that they were planning to blow up a plane.

That is part of the terrorists victory: just mention a plot and cause delay and perhaps millions of dollars in extra security costs.

It shouldn't matter what they say, every airport should be secure to the highest degree possible every single day of the year.

I'll bet the five million plus we are spending in Iraq every month would cover a lot of these expenses.

Every time there is a delay, every time the liberal and conservative press is leading off this story with airport delays and showing long lines, the terrorists win.

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hfiend said...

You point on how liberals view the WoT was spot on. Well Done.