Friday, August 25, 2006

Is it possible to have Seasonal Affective Disorder in August?

If it were late January/early February, I'd know why I feel so listless and mopey and grumpy and grouchy. I'd know why television commercials were making me cry. I'd know why I was being destructive in my relationships. I'd know why I spent a day re-reading Harry Potter instead of any one of a dozen things that I really should have been doing.

But it's August.

Perhaps it's the heat, the fact that I've kept myself cooped up in the air-conditioning, behind my 99%UV ray blocking filmed windows.

Perhaps I should go sun myself like a lizard.

Oh, wait. The Deluge, Part Two.

Perhaps I should eat chocolate. Dark chocolate.

Perhaps I should get off my fat behind and go work out. Which I know from years of SAD is the quickest way to a cure for me. Ironic that my most persistant symptom is complete lack of energy.

Oy! Off to the Gazelle for me.

Loki sez: Yoga works for me!

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