Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Is it Tuesday already?

I thought about blogging about the cry baby Whiney McWhiners out in Rockville with their $58,000 plus 'median' incomes who (boo-hoo) don't want any developers coming in and ruining their 'paradise."

Well don't we all, people. The yankees are coming, they got money and they are going to ruin the south all over again. (And by this, I mean the period of "reconstruction" that followed the WBTS, not the war itself, thank you very much. You may now return to my rant.)

Bah and humbug.

I have a major test to take on Friday. Certification for any nurses out there. I think I should spend the rest of the week really and actually studying.

Like I used to back in school. Outlines. Notes. Crying. Screaming. Anti-depressants.

Nursing school...ah memories.

Thor sez: Oh the drama! Can I sleep over with some-one until this test is over?

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