Wednesday, August 02, 2006

I got home this afternoon after taking my mom for her thora-something to evaluate her leaky mitral valve (looks better on this test than regular ultrasound, stress test, antibiotics before dental work and watch).

Thor was sitting on the bed, yowling at the curtains which, for Thor, is pretty routine behavior. So I told him that he could not climb the curtains.

A moment later, Loki was sitting on the bed, chest to the head board, staring straight up at the curtains. Okay, Loki staring is a reason for invesitgation. And yes, there it was: a wasp. Crawling along the curtains, extremely lost.

I said, "No, Loki, no. That's the owie bug."

Loki, being the genius that he is, ran for it. He got stung by a wasp when he was a wee little fellow of about five months of age. He has never forgotten. He still will not even stay in the back room if the back door where the unfortunate incident occurred is open.

Thor, being the, uh, 'special' kitty he is, decided this was just a fun new toy. He took half the bedspread with him when I dragged him out of the room.

Being the native child that I am, I am never without a handy-dandy giant economy sized can of flying bug killer. I covered the bed, gave him a quick shot to get him going, then once he was on a more easily cleaned surface than my curtain or bedspread, sprayed him until he was dead. (see, this is where guys make their mistakes, they think one spritz is enough, women know you must continue to spray until the legs stop moving)

Loki is grateful, Thor is pissed and Sutu the Amazing Shrinking Cat is mad because I delayed an already late lunch to tend to this problem.

Thor sez: "I never get to have any fun."

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