Monday, March 31, 2008

Monday Morning Musings

I was so happy to peek outside this morning and see that it had rained last night. I had Jason put down weed & feed on the lawn Saturday because The Weather Channel had given me a 60% chance of rain on Saturday and Sunday. Which never showed up.

I have received an invitation to my high school's 30th reunion. I shall not be attending. I haven't gone to any of them. High school was a very strange time for me: po' ugly white trash girl, socially retarded with no particular gifts or talents to share. Why would I want to go back? The thirty years since then have been far greater than I could ever have imagined back when I was that awkward, backwards girl. Really, I feel sorry for people who say that high school was the best time of their lives. That's an awfully short time span.

And I have completed my bird watching geekiness by installing a triple level feeder. Level one for freeze dried meal worms (Thor ate one! eeewww!) for the bug eating birds like my family of bluebirds and the mockingbirds. Level two for regular bird feed for my seed eaters. And Level three is a hanging cage for suet cakes. I've actually lured the brown thrashers up off the ground to nibble on suet cakes. And last, I purchased a bird bath. I've not seen anyone taking a bath yet, but have spotted the bluebird, the thrasher and Mr. Cardinal takings sips.

I'm thinking about this for my front room. The current rug is not quite right anymore. The walls are buttery yellow and the love seat is an olive-y green. I've hung several of Jason's Blue Ridge in Autumn photographs in the room. I just like the colors and the flow of this rug. I'm sure it's just a reaction to the stress of having to choose house paint colors. I've got a good track record with rugs, so it makes me feel better about myself to know I can pick out something that goes.

Thor sez: Excuse me, but I believe I was promised a love-gloving today!


Anonymous said...

First of all not knowing you....I first imagined what the rug would look like......boy was I WRONG!!! It can be funny to imagine what would reflect a person's taste just from their writings....I do think that the rug really compliments the photos perfectly... God Bless, Pam, South Bend

JanetLee said...

Pam - when showing an acquaintance some photos of my new furniture and rug in the TV room, she said much the same: that she would have never thought I'd pick something like that, but once she saw it, it seemed perfect for me.

Marcheline said...

I, for one, am surprised that you and Jason use a lawn product with weed poisons in it... the bugs and worms get doused with that stuff, and the birds you are feeding are also going to eat those contaminated bugs, and... what about the groundwater?

I always figured you guys for "green" people.

JanetLee said...

M- we are more of an olive drab.

Marcheline said...

janetlee -

You are a funny duck, you know that? Ha! Olive drab... (chortling)

- M