Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The Newest "Social Disease"

It's the next plague! It's the end of the world as we know it! It''s....the dreaded, horrid LIBERAL BRAIN INFECTING VIRUS!!!

or L-biv as I like to call it.

There is no cure and the only way to avoid it is to cut yourself and your family off from any and all contact with the entire world. Every bit of information that comes within 100 yards of your family must be shot, gutted and disposed of immediately. Don't check it out to see what the information is, just kill it immediately! You know everything you need to know already and you don't need to know no more, thank you very much!

High school and college age children are most vulnerable to this insidious disease. They are the most at-risk because they are the targets of this evil thing.

Don't let anyone try to confuse you with all that liberal spawned clap trap about developmental stages and how teens and young adults often explore other religions and political views and other cultures as part of their psychological adaptation to adulthood. It's all just a trick to get them alone for one second, then WHAM, in goes the L-biv. And your child is infected for life.

Burning with interest and compassion and empathy. Oozing with respect and tolerance.

Oh, avert your eyes, the spectacle is too gruesome to consider! Teens and college age children choosing their own paths in life! The horror! The shame!

Loki sez: I think I see it! It's eating Thor's brains!

(And just because some people will need this, please note the above was intended to be written in heavy sarcasm, but I couldn't find the font labeled as such. Thank you very much.)

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