Saturday, March 08, 2008

Time for the Happy Dance!

It's daylight savings time time! The good one. For many, many years I worked only on the weekend so I did the DST shuffle twice a year, dragging the step-stool from clock to clock to change the time. Mournfully in the fall, bemoaning that my 12 hour shift had just become a 13 hour shift. "But the first two a.m. sucked! I don't want to do another one!"

So it should be no surprise that tonight I will be capering like a leprechaun from clock to clock, giggling madly and clapping my hands in evil enjoyment of the fact that the morning crew has to get up an hour early this time instead of, like they do in the fall, be-bopping in all refreshed and happy after an extra hour of sleep and bragging about it in cold disregard of night shift's bleary red eyes and haggard faces and death ray glares after working an extra hour so they could get that sleep. (And we don't get an extra hour of sleep - we stayed an hour and still have to be back in twelve.)

So pardon me while I gloat a moment, I earned it last fall.

Blogger spotting: Psycho's dad, Nice Mike at BiLo this morning.

Thor sez: Does this mean we will be fed an hour early in the morning?


Chris M said...

I always get screwed. Last time - on nights. This time... on days.

Kathleen said...

Enjoy it Janet!!! I did the same moaning and groaning with you last year. This year I have the weekend off and am enjoying it!

JanetLee said...

Chris - ouch! That sux like a Dyson!

Kathleen - Hey girl! Funny the little things that make us happy, huh?

Kelly Love said...

I feel the opposite! I hate springing forward (but I don't work the night shift). I want my hour back already!