Tuesday, March 11, 2008

And The Winner Is....

Epstein-Barr! Or mono - the test doesn't differentiate. My titers were high enough to confirm a recent infection.

Okay Jason - YOU WERE RIGHT!

So, if I kissed you or stole a swig from your glass in November or December, I'm sorry.

I just need to continue to take it easy and not push myself. Gosh darn it, I guess those ceilings won't get painted any time soon.

I'm happy to just have an answer.

Thor sez: Yeah!


joan said...

Oh Nooooooo! Although, it's better than heart disease.

Pat said...

Well, yay! That's much better than heart disease!

Saphyre Rose said...

Sure hope you don't develop Chronic Fatigue Syndrome from this! I heard the two are related.

JanetLee said...

Thanks y'all. It's way better than heart disease, lung disease or never having an answer.

Rose - I hope not! But I'm feeling and doing better now than I was at the beginning of January. I have symptoms when I'm really tired or if I just jump up from resting and do something stupid like chase the kittens up and down the hall, screaming fake monster screams (because they like it).