Saturday, February 21, 2009

You May Be a Crazy Cat Lady If

A conversation like this occurs in your household.

Jason: Did you hear about Socks?

Me: The Clinton's cat? That lived with them in the White House? The one that went home to live with Bill Clinton's WH secretary?

Jason: Um, yes.

Me: Did he die? He was pretty old.

Actually he was put to sleep after a round of treatment for cancer. Poor old fella. I've always had a super soft spot for tuxedo cats. My late Boo was one and was really one of the best cats I've had in my life.

Loki sez: A moment of silence for one of the few, the proud, the White House cat!


Joan said...

I saw that too. The former First Cat. Poor sweetie.

Pat said...

There is something special about tuxedo kitties, isn't there? In my experience, they're usually intelligent and even empathetic. Bon voyage, Socks!!