Friday, February 13, 2009

Frittering Away a Friday Morning

Bipartisanship does not mean the other side does everything the way you want. It means you work together to find some compromises where the two sides differ.

Most American people are now immune to the "repeat lies until they become accepted as the truth" virus spread over the last 8 years.

Um, so stop already, please. I know it's the other side, but I can't stand to watch even my worst enemy embarrass himself so badly without realizing.

So, totally slack girlfriend that I am, I have not gotten Jason a Valentine's gift yet. Any suggestions?

And speaking of, some chicklets I know saw Jason's photograph on his Facebook thing and were surprised that some broken down, ugly, fat old cougar like me could have landed a cutie-patootie like him. For Pete's sake. I wasn't always fat and gray haired, okay I was gray haired, but still best buds with Lady Clairol. But I've been gray haired since I was 20!

How do the cats know that there is only one can of cat food left in the pantry? I have been the recipient of more glares than the Secular Humanist billboard.

How do you know I am postponing doing something fun like exercise or scheduling unpleasant medical procedures? (Or shopping for cat food, asks Loki.)

I sit and blog whatever pops into my mind.

Loki sez: Just look at my poor brother, half starved to death!

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