Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday Mood Swings

Bad: Order a ton of new scrubs for work. Get email from scrub place: all your tops are out of stock, we'll send them later. Get another email from scrub place: all your scrub tops are no longer being manufactured, we'll credit your card. Get another email from scrub place: we sent your pants!

Good: Mr. Bluebird was checking out the bird house. Saw him again this morning, sitting on the telephone wire, singing his little blue heart out. Searching for a new baby momma, I'm sure.

Good: Starting my long stretch off.

Bad: My house looks like I just finished my long stretch on.

Bad: Suspecting that the UPS man is at the front door.

Good: Mom breaking out the nip.


Anonymous said...

In every 'nip' picture you post, they actually LOOK drunk! Funny!

JanetLee said...

Thor is great for the goofy face pictures. Can't get one of Loki looking like that.