Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Beginning to Understand

A while back, some-one, I don't remember who, made the comment that they love Downward Facing Dog. And while in my beginner's yoga class, I did not understand. My upper body strength is lacking and too many dogs would leave me with very sore shoulders.

Last week, I completed my course of beginner's classes and this morning ventured, knocked-kneed, into a Level 1-2 class. Which my beginner's instructor insisted that I was ready for.

I love Downward Facing Dog. Even better, I love Child's Pose. In spite of my left arm flopping around like a fish out of water after a particularly energetic round of sun salutes.

But the important thing is that I did better than I expected. Sure, I wasn't able to completely keep up, but I was able to try every pose. Only twice did I need to stop before the instructor had us move on to another pose. Lost track of my breathing a few times.

All is well.

Tomorrow I'm gonna be hurting.

Loki sez: What about the Loki Roll? Did you do any of those? It's an integral part of my yoga practice.

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Anonymous said...

I believe that is an "Upward Facing Cat" he is doing!