Friday, February 20, 2009

Come On People Now

Smile on your brother.

On my 10 minute commute home this morning I saw:

Five people run (purposely) through the red (not yellow) light at Magwood and Cantrell.

One person pull across two lanes of traffic and stop until the opposite side was clear.

One person giving another person the finger for what appeared to be moving into a turn lane too slow.

One person swerve into oncoming traffic (me) in order to get around a CARTA bus that was stopping to pick up a passenger. Gee, didn't know my life isn't worth 20 seconds of your time.

One person spew out a giant wad of gum onto the street.

Two people almost rear end the car in front of them, quite possibly due to the cell phones glued to their faces.

Really. People. Let's be nice out there, huh? It doesn't hurt and may even make you feel better.

Loki sez: Try to love one another right now.

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