Monday, February 09, 2009

On the Town

Saturday evening we went to try the new Thai restaurant here in West Ashley, Taste of Thai. It was pretty good. A more knowledgeable acquaintance said it wasn't quite as good as Basil, but pretty darn close. And I say pretty darn close, no parking issues and no driving into town balances out the difference for me. We both had the Pad Thai and I thought it was super yummo. Next time I'll try something with a little more heat to it though. I like my spicy food.

Then we headed downtown to the Circular Church to see a one woman show, Moments of Joy by Joy Vandervort-Cobb. Very good. Go see it. It is running through Feb 15. I was pulling out tissues. First because I was laughing so hard, then because I was dabbing away tears, remembering and reliving the growth that comes through great pain. Wonderful show. Her granny reminded me a lot of my granny except my granny had a cigarette instead of a glass of "special" grapefruit juice.

I'm telling you. Tea parties, plays. I might have to buy another dress-up-like-a-grown-up outfit.

Thor sez: If you'd taken me to the monster truck rally, like I asked, you wouldn't need new clothes.

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