Monday, February 02, 2009

Great Purple Googlie-mooglies!

Is that person with the octuplets in California crazy or what? Actually I believe the whole family is a bee hive of co-dependent crazy-up-the-headedness. I read somewhere that she thinks she is going to get some television show as a child rearing expert?

Too much The Learning Channel. Too much Duggar Family singing Koombaya and claiming Jesus makes it all work out. Too much Jon and Kate Plus Eight and letting the networks invade your children's privacy for profit. Too many Marvelous Multiple shows where everyone turns out just fine.

Not enough reality. Not enough tiny coffins of the multitudes of profound preemies who don't live.

Not enough profoundly mentally retarded children who will never do more than breathe and have a heart beat due to massive brain bleeds as preemies.

Not enough kids blind and/or deaf from preemie complications.

Not enough kids crippled by cerebral palsy from lack of oxygen to their little preemie brains.

Those poor children.

Thor sez: If you had 14 cats you couldn't take care of, the SPCA would come take them away.

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Anonymous said...

We need an SPCC - Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children!!