Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Whining Wednesday

Giant needle inserting into a knee joint?

Not one of my favorite things.

Best fella in the world buying me wine and hunting down my favorite type of cinnamon tea?

One of my favorite things.

I'm bad at being a girl. I haven't had my eyebrows waxed since before Halloween. I finally went this morning to the hoochie-high-brow spa to have it done and while I was there, I asked if there happened to be any openings for a hair cut (since I last had a haircut, ummm...last summer?).

The very nice, extremely young and pretty receptionist with the rocking kewl kid 20 year old bod clothes checked and told me that there was an available spot with X, but that X wasn't a "master stylist".

Expectant pause.

Me, desperately trying to come up with some appropriate, spa-cool thing to say about that, finally motioned to my old fat gray haired self, so well groomed with my Brezhnev eye brows and Carol Brady shag, oh so sophisticated in my jeans, tee shirt and "Happy Bunny" zip up hoodie and said:

"Do I look like I need a master stylist?"

Which the proper answer probably was HELL FREAKING YES, YOU SLOB.

But I meant it like I don't really care, I just need someone moderately acquainted with a pair of scissors.

Then I had to sit there, listening to the oh-so hip crowd, dressed all in their college kid cool clothes talking about stuff I had no idea about, feeling like a big fat toad, swearing that I would mend my ways.

I'll buy grown up clothes. I'll stop wearing tennis shoes all the time. I'll put freaking make up on when I leave the house. Hell, I might even wear a bracelet or ring or something. I'll carry a purse.

That's why I hate those places, because I always feel like I'm doing everything wrong when I go there.

But my hair and eyebrows look great.

Loki sez: Bet they laughed at you when you left!


chucker said...

Might try what I do when I stop in for a haircut (about every 5-6 weeks).

If I have to wait, naturally I flip through a magazine or read the novel I have BUT: I slip in my ear plugs.(I go to a LOT of live concerts so I carry them in my pocket.)

No screeching kids. No pontificating people telling others what's wrong with the world.

A recess from negative people/comments.

Pat said...

I know exactly what you mean, Janet! I'm looking forward to getting REALLY old so I don't care what peeps think of my blue jeaned, sneakered, un-made up self.

Chucker's idea is a good one, though - I could just pull out my hearing aids and be in a blissfully quiet world...

JanetLee said...

Chuck - it wasn't so much the quality of the talk around me, but just that fish-out-of-water feeling.

Pat - I agree! I'm gonna stop plucking/shaving/cutting anything when I get to be 75.

And I just want to stress that the lady who does my eyebrows is lovely and sweet and never makes me feel bad, even when I let the brows go wild and she has a mess on her hands.

Anonymous said...

it's time to get a hair cut when my afro (urban slang) gets HUGE. i am lucky to go to one hair stylist that knows me well enough to sit in her chair with minimal talking and she does the rest. i hate tipping but i tip her very well.

My girlfriend always puts on makeup for brief outside appearances (e.g, supermarket, postoffice, drive-thru, etc.) She has natural beauty and i like that.

If my girlfriend thinks about carrying a purse, i usually ask if it is really a necessity. I offer to carry her lipstick in my pocket IF i have to, otherwise, those purses just get in the way.

i am a male in PHX, az

JanetLee said...

Arizona - welcome. We flew into Phoenix almost two years ago. Didn't stay, but loved what I saw on the drive through to Sedona!

Marcheline said...

One of my co-workers showed her husband a youtube video of me lip-synching a popular rock song.

According to her, his comment was, "That can't be her. I saw her the other night when I picked you up from work. She is an old hag."

I can't tell what made me feel better - the fact that he said that, or the fact that she felt the need to tell ME that he said it.

I keep telling myself that the fact that he saw me walking through a parking lot at night with my man-sized baked-potato-esqe down-filled winter coat on is the cause of his comment.

- M