Saturday, January 31, 2009

Good News for the Lowcountry!

This is exactly the type of program we need, not only across the entire country, but especially in our high poverty areas.

If we as a society are serious about reducing child abuse, reducing child neglect, reducing teen pregnancies, reducing school drop out rates, reducing crime and improving our education results, we must begin helping these most vulnerable of women and children.

Long time readers have heard my speech before, but a human being's brain is still being actively built until around age three.

The environment a baby spends its first year or two in - emotionally, nutritionally, developmentally(is the child read to? Does it get enough sleep?) - can set for life the child's ability to do well in school, to be able to learn behaviours that will make them able to learn and have friends, to have the esteem to shake off the negative temptations that living in poverty sometimes brings around.

We can't afford to not start really helping, on an individual basis, these young women lift their children up out of poverty.

They want to do it, but most simply do not know how or do not have any real emotional support to do so.

Loki sez: OMCC! The humans are beginning to make sense!

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