Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday Morning Mish-Mash

Last evening we traveled to beautiful scenic downtown Goose Creek. That's extreme sarcasm for my out-of-town readers. Sorry if you live there, but for real. When we left, a guy was leaning up against a Hummer describing how his old lady didn't have enough money to get him out of jail so he told her to go get the car out of car jail.

We met up with some bloggie/twittery people at the Amazon Grill, a Brazilian restaurant. The buffet was yummy. There was also an option to have them bring something like 10 different kinds of meat on a spit to you and carve it off onto your plate until you exploded or told them to stop, but I passed on that. I'm no vegetarian, but that much protein sitting in my gut? No thanks.

Loki seems to be back to normal and they were actually left unsupervised last night and both survived. A young lady at dinner last night asked me if Loki was crazy (because of the influence of his name) and I asked her if she had seen the movie The Birdcage. She had. I told her that Loki was Nathan Lane's character.

I'm excited because tomorrow I'm starting a four week beginner class at yoga. After that, I will take a restorative yoga class that is for people with neck/back/knee and/or other injuries. Jason showed me some of the basic moves and I can do most of them. My knee still doesn't have full range of motion, so I can't completely do the poses, but that's the whole point, to get the function back.

Loki sez: I love yoga! Can you do this pose?


Anonymous said...

I took a 4-class intro to yoga about 2 years ago and LOVED it (and still go to yoga when I can). It helped my back lots and lots. Good luck!
Pat, reader in Phx

JanetLee said...

Thanks Pat - it was interesting, to see where I was sore the next day - mostly back, neck and arms (especially the "granny jiggle" back of the upper arms) - it gave me an idea of what an all-body work out yoga is.