Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Stretch, Nap, Freak

Are you jealous that one of the things on my "must-do" list today was take a nap?

Yeah, well, just remember that when you are snoozing away at three a.m. and I'm awake and doing my schlep from one end of the hospital to the other.

Third beginners yoga class today was marvelous. I can almost sit on bended knee.

So, yeah, I get all blissed out in yoga, come home to finish up a mandatory (leave without pay if you don't have it updated) on-line test thing for work and there are something like 9 tests to take and you only have two tries to pass or you will be murderated in your sleep and I failed one already (because I was being over confident because I do that stuff all the time but then I got to the parts that we don't do so frequently and tried to take a test from memory) so I was really freaking out about taking this test because it was MY LAST CHANCE and then my stupid computer FROZE up right in the middle of it, so I had to dump it and just hope that it counted as a "complete later" choice and not a fail choice.

Then I went to take my nap. Hahahaha. Yes, I'm that crazy.

But I woke up refreshed from my pee-dream (you know, the dreams you have where you wander through some nightmare in search of a bathroom - mine was confused with the birthing baby stuff I'd been worried about and let me tell you, those were some weird dreams) and passed all my tests lickedly-split.

So now all is right with world. Except the kittens who haven't had supper.

Thor sez: Perhaps a bit of red with supper this evening?
(Photo actually by Jason's daughter.)

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