Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Left Foot Goes Where?

I survived yoga class! Yippee!

I'm glad Jason reviewed some of the poses with me because I am not a natural athlete or even remotely talented at anything that involves a series of movements. I would have been completely lost (and was, indeed, partially lost at times) if I hadn't done the poses before.

My left knee still will not flex completely so I was unable to do some poses such as Child Pose. But I just did what I could and didn't worry about the rest.

But, whew, my shoulders and chest are mad at me this afternoon.

I figure I'll keep practicing then take one more of the beginner's class. If I still can't move my knee correctly, I'll drop down to the gentle/restorative class.

I hope I can move tomorrow.

Thor sez: Try this one. I call it Flat Dog Sleeping.


Anonymous said...

Silly, it's 'flat CAT sleeping.'

Anonymous said...

This has nothing to do with yogo...but...my husbnd R E A L L Y wants to get a dog....we had two untill about 5 years ago and we had to have them both put down within 4 months of each other. We have a 12 year old cat that is very affectionate with us...you would never know we had a cat when company comes-she hides. Well today we went to the Animal Shelter...just to "look" it was heart breaking...we left without a dog....we are agreed to think it over....oh, did I mention it is
14 degrees BELOW zero here and we have over a foot of snow...not a great time to train a pooch...anyway when I read about your "feuding" cats I am worried about how traumatized our Sullivan would be if we got a dog. Thanks for reading....Pam

herecomesharry said...

My name is Harry. I just wanted to congratulate you on getting nominated for blog of the month. My blog was nominated in November, but I didn't win...it was still a lot of fun. I like your blog. Good luck! I look forward to reading more.

JanetLee said...

Pam - part of our problem is that the boys are brothers - litter mates - and that made them so emotionally bonded that they do not accept other animals. They liked the old cat Sutu and Mick the guinea pig because they were here with Thor and Loki came to live here. Bringing in a new cat is out of the question with these two. But I've never had a problem integrating unrelated cats into a household. It's just a slow process.

Harry - thanks for stopping by. Is the cat contest for this month up on the site yet?

Marcheline said...

It totally gets better with time. And keep doing it, even though you're sore - yoga cures yoga pain, strangely enough. Before you know it, you'll be able to fold yourself up like origami without a twinge.

Rock on.

JanetLee said...

M- I know! What's funny is that when my back and neck muscles were so sore, if I sat up properly with good posture, it didn't hurt. If I slouched, the muscles would scream at me. One lesson and it's changing my habits.