Sunday, January 04, 2009

Loki Sunday

The love seat in the front room is pushed up in front of the windows that over look the bird feeders. We call it Cat TV.

Loki loves Cat TV.

When the sun sets and all the birdies go home to roost for the night, we close the blinds and that is that until the next morning.

Until about a week ago. Loki became obsessed with Cat TV at Night. He wouldn't leave the back of the couch, not even for Jeopardy!

Loki sez: There's something out there!

He became so obsessed that when we shut him out of the front room, he would stand at the kitchen door and cry. One night he tried to leap up into the laundry room windows.

"It's a palmetto bug," I said.

Then one evening, he had Thor there at the window, staring. So I joined them. Plopped down and put my head on the back of the sofa between them and began looking.

And there it was, peeking out over the window ledge, a tiny little field mouse. Hopefully the same one that was in the air ducts, now living free.

Loki sez: No one ever believes me.

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