Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday Morning Slothiness

Hey, if Colbert can invent truthiness, I'm inventing slothiness. This Monday morning is so horrid that if I was a normal person, I'd have called out sick from work.

Yesterday afternoon, we went to see the Charleston Ballet's presentation of The Magical Mystery Tour.

It was awesome. Fantastic. I've heard a rumor that they will be performing the show again during Spoleto. Go see it. It was a great, fun show.

It was great to see that some of my clothes from junior high got a second life. Seriously. Half way through the show, one of the dancers came out wearing a pair of polyester hip huggers with the super flare cuffs and I kept staring because I had a pair just like that way back in the way backs.

But now I am suffering the results of my third day with a global migraine brought about by foolishly gobbling down Chinese food chock full of MSG which my brain has not been exposed to for many, many years, two hours of sleep Sunday morning after work, followed by the excitement of the ballet, my first real meal in 24 hours that contained more fried food than I've eaten in a decade and a nice big glass of wine.

My body is extremely mad at me.

Loki sez: It's okay that you didn't let me go see the ballet with you. I was fine, just sitting here all alone with nothing to do while Thor watched wrestling.


Joan Perry; Sidewalk Curator said...

It's free meal day at the hospital though. Surely that makes it all worthwhile :))

JanetLee said...