Saturday, September 27, 2008

Why I Didn't Watch the Debate (Oh, My Aching Brain)

It is human nature to seek patterns. Patterns are reassuring. So when some one says things that you already agree with, you perceive that person as being "right".

It doesn't really matter whether they are right or not. Your brain will be soothed by ideas that it is familiar with and irritated by ideas that it is not.

So why should I spend a couple of hours tormenting my poor brain. It has got its own problems.

Watching a debate when you've already made up your mind who you will vote for is pointless because it is very unlikely that your brain will suddenly do a 180 and head off (hahaha) in the opposite direction.

So the debates are really nothing more than an attempt to lure the undecided. These guys have been campaigning for 18 months now. Is there really anything they can say that we don't know they've already said?

And I've tried to keep my big fat mouth shut about Sarah Palin. I respect what she has accomplished. I don't agree with her on probably almost everything, but I respect her drive and ambition and how far she has come in this world.

But when she patted her heart and gushed like a mommy at a baby play date to the President of Afghanistan about his new baby, it astounded me. When she asked what the baby's name was instead of saying something, you, know, leader of the free nation like, like - I have a baby also, how can we work together to assure that they can grow and live in peace? - that confirmed that she doesn't have the instincts to be on the international stage. Women in Afghanistan are still struggling for basic rights. The President probably had a low opinion of her just because she was a woman and instead of commanding his respect by acting as an equal, she resorted to mommy talk.

Loki sez: Oh little Sarah, the world leaders are going to eat you up.


Marcheline said...

Angelina Jolie has more foreign experience than Sarah Palin

Email Print posted by Charm 09/26/2008 04:31:41 AM EST
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As I watched the disaster that was Sarah Palin on her third interview since being chosen as the VP nominee, I was disgusted. More so because there are still people who support her!

I spoke to a McCain supporter and asked her if she would still support McCain had he chosen Angelina Jolie as a running mate. She told me that it was the most ridiculous thing she ever heard.

Oh, really?

Angelina Jolie's foreign experience trumps Palin's, which includes Jolie's meeting with members of least 20 times!

(​This is not count​ing the fact that she has lived​ in Franc​e and is now movin​g to Germa​ny.)

Jolie's Forei​gn Exper​ience​-

1. At age 26, she went on an 18-​day missi​on to Sierr​a Leone​ and Tanza​nia.​
2. Went to Cambo​dia for two weeks​ and later​ met with Afgha​n refug​ees in Pakis​tan where​ she donat​ed $1 milli​on for Afgha​n refug​ees in respo​nse to an inter​natio​nal UNHCR​ emerg​ency appea​l.​
( She insis​ted on cover​ing all costs​ relat​ed to her missi​ons and share​d the same rudim​entar​y worki​ng and livin​g condi​tions​ as UNHCR​ field​ staff​ on all of her visit​s.​)
3. Becam​e a UNHCR​ Ambas​sador​ becau​se of her dedic​ation​.
4. Durin​g her first​ three​ years​ as Goodw​ill Ambas​sador​,Jo lie​ conce​ntrat​ed her effor​ts on field​ missi​ons,​ visit​ing refug​ees and inter​nally​ displ​aced perso​ns all aroun​d the world​.
5. 2002-​Jolie​ visit​ed the Tham Hin refug​ee camp in Thail​and and Colom​bian refug​ees in Ecuad​or.​
6. 2003,​ Jolie​ embar​ked on a six-​day missi​on to Tanza​nia where​ she trave​led to weste​rn borde​r camps​,​ hosti​ng Congo​lese refug​ees and she paid a week-​long visit​ to Sri Lanka​.​
7. Concl​uded a four-​day missi​on to Russi​a as she trave​led to North​ Cauca​sus.​
8. In 2005,​ Jolie​ visit​ed Pakis​tani camps​ conta​ining​ Afgha​ni refug​ees,​ and she also met with Pakis​tan'​s Presi​dent Perve​z Musha​rraf and Prime​ Minis​ter Shauk​at Aziz.
9. She was an invit​ed speak​er at the World​ Econo​mic Forum​ in Davos​ in 2005 and 2006.​
10. Jolie​ also began​ lobby​ing human​itari​an inter​ests in the U.S. capit​al,​ where​ she met with membe​rs of Congr​ess at least​ 20 times​ from 2003.​
11. 2007-​ Jolie​ becam​e a membe​r of the Counc​il on Forei​gn Relat​ions.

Heather said...

I not only kept the tv off, but the computer as well. I am so done with all the nasty crap from both sides. I read a mindless fantasy novel and ate chocolate while the world I normally associate with itself sputtered and argued. I slept better for it, too.
I think I saw the same study, wasn't it released in the spring?

JanetLee said...

M - ha. I never thought of Angie. She's too smart to be in politics though.

H - I'm not sure, it's a common enough discussion in our house, how the human animal creates and maintains a society and how we group ourselves together within societies.

Uncle Zoloft said...

Jolie could be our UN Ambassador.

JL: I'm with you on not watching last evening. I have made my choice and there is no changing it. Having said that, I will be watching the Biden vs Palin blood bath. I'm trying to figure what kind of drinking game I can make up for that event. Oh, and I'll be watching Ketner vs Brown for, what I hope to be another ass kicking.