Monday, September 08, 2008

Jantrum Time!

I was watching some emergency room show the other day. Why? Because I can then say out loud snarky comments that I could never utter in real life.

There was this woman who got attacked by bees. Regular bees. A whole hive of them for some reason attacked her. She had a couple of hundred stings. That's a lot of venom. And I watched, fascinated by the on-the-spot ingenuity displayed by those involved in saving her life.

And she lived, her internal organs protected from the venom that threatened to destroy them. And when she was interviewed, all she had to say was:

"I wouldn't have made it without everyone's prayers."

What a slap in the face insult to all those who actively did something to save her!

From the policeman at the scene who had the brilliant idea to spray her down with his fire extinguisher to quickly kill/disperse the bees that were still attacking her.

From the paramedics who initially stabilized her, getting life saving lines and fluids into her to prevent shock.

From the emergency room nurse who had the idea to use their badges to flick out the hundreds of stingers, a technique that allowed them to get the still venomous stingers out much more quickly than using tweezers, which can also squeeze more venom into the skin.

From the ICU nurses and doctors who closely monitored her and carefully titrated medications and fluids to support her body while it recovered.

No, none of them really mattered at all. It was just the people at home talking to their deity.

Thor sez: Dude! You need to pray for a bath! You-reek-a!


Marcheline said...

Yeah, that pretty much burns my biscuit, too.

The world is here, and we are here, and we all have two things: talents and choices.

The way we use them interactively is what makes life as we know it.

If there is a "G"od, I'd guess he's been chillin' with some cocktails for the past couple thousand years. Not that I blame him. Can you imagine trying to answer his emails?

- M

Anonymous said...

When I pray for someone I pray for those treating that person to have wisdom and compassion and for the person in distress to feel HIS comfort. I thank HIM for the gifts HE has given those who chose to help others with those gifts and talents. Pam

Marcheline said...

Who here has ever seen God's genitals?

Me neither.

However, considering the existence of Monday Night Football, war, hurricanes, volcanoes and centuries of male domination and abuse of the female sex, you may have a point there...