Monday, September 22, 2008

Monday Musing

Sometimes I really think my brain will just explode. Yesterday I watched Ben Bernake explain how Americans are a hard working, entrepreneurial people and that we will work through this financial crisis because working hard creates wealth for companies which creates jobs and trickles on down to the workers.

Oh, please. Where has he been for the last ten years or so? When hard working Americans were thanked by the CEO's and stockholders of the companies they made rich with some of the lowest wages since the 1970's, down sizing, right sizing and exporting of jobs to foreign countries.

The only people made wealthy by the sweat of the average American worker have been the few at the top. Ain't nothing but tax debt been trickling down to us.

Half a trillion dollars.

Bet the top honchos aren't going to turn in their million dollar bonuses.

I finally delved into the rat box I call my filing system and forced myself to thin it out. Really, do I need to keep every insurance policy I've ever had? I had homeowners policies dating to 2004. Car insurance policies dating to 2001. I had utility bills from two years ago. Have I ever had to go back and look at a utility bill once I'd paid it? No.

Saturday, I looked out the kitchen window to see Mr. and Mrs. Bluebird sitting on the defunct clothesline pole where their birdhouse had been. I'd put it away in the shed before the GREAT STORM HANNA ravaged our fair city. I went trotting out there to replace it. I'd cleaned out the old nest when I put it away, but there was still some in there, so I stuck my hand up in there and pulled the rest of the pine straw out. Second hand reach, a spider egg sack came out on a piece of straw. I looked and sure enough, there was Momma Spider at the top of the house. Being the strong willed Southern woman that I am, I started banging the birdhouse on the ground, trying to shake Momma Spider loose. And she did fall to the bottom of the house, only to roll over and show me her bright red hour glass tummy tatt. Then I behaved as a properly brought up Southern Belle and ran to the kitchen window, lifted up the garden hose to tap on it to get Jason's attention and jumped up and down screaming "Black Widow! Black Widow!"

Then I had to endure a lecture on how stupid it was to put my hand inside a wooden box that had been outside in a shed in the summer in the South.

Yeah, well....not much I could say about that.

The bluebird house is returned to its spot. Spider free. Hopefully the bluebirds will forgive the unfortunate fledgling incident and return to live with us.

Thor sez: This is what you'd have looked like if that spider bit you!

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Scarlett said...

Great Storm Hanna, hilarious.