Friday, September 19, 2008

And Yet Another

Yet again, our national love for our children leaves behind a few.

When this story first broke, I thought of Shaken Baby Syndrome. But as more details come out, it is a more horrific story of something beyond abuse. A grown man beating to death a 22 month old child. For spilling his beer.

There were comments on the the site yesterday from people claiming to know the man who murdered this child. They claimed to have witnessed verbal and emotional abuse of this child.

No-one thought to call DSS? Say, um, I'm not sure what the deal is, but this is what I saw and heard?

And I climb up on my worn out old soap-box. There are children being abused and beaten in your neighborhood. They just don't die and create a whirlwind of consternation and horror. They just silently absorb the blows, the harsh words, the contempt in which they are held. They live loveless lives, fearful and sad and heartbroken that no-one loves them.

Then all that fear becomes anger and they lash out.

Then we are all shocked and horrified, clucking our tongues and complaining about these young people today who don't know right from wrong. Who are using drugs and committing crimes and getting pregnant (or impregnating).

This happens every day, people. In your neighborhood.

I am required by state law by virtue of my professional license to in good faith report any suspicions of child abuse. But beyond that, I am required by my own morality, my own knowledge of what is right, my own civic duty if you will, to report such things.

But what about you? Would you make the call if you thought something was wrong?

Or would you not want to get involved?

Loki sez: It's okay Thor, I'll always protect you.


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Marcheline said...

I'm not sure if I would make the call before or after I'd introduced the asshole to a shotgun enema.