Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Other Collapses

Anyone else having a total collapse of their allergy medication? I might as well be taking placebos for all the good my various remedies are doing me.

I've been working so I haven't been able to keep up with all the shenanigans, hissy fits and nanny-nanny-boo-booing going on with our esteemed leaders in Washington.

It seems that with every story I read, I flip flop worse than a professional politician. No bailout. Yes, bailout. No bailout.

I don't know. I say let them take their lumps. They got greedy. They thought the gravy train was gonna keep on rolling.

People took out loans for houses they couldn't afford. They had to have a new SUV. They had to live in Super Snooty Plantation Estates. I know people with children, families, who make only slightly more than I do who are living in $300K houses.

Part of me says, let it all collapse. When the small businesses start to fail (and, excuse me, is taking out a loan every month to cover payroll normal for small business??) take that 700 BILLION dollars and re-start a CCC program. Give unemployed people work rebuilding our roads and bridges and other infra-structure that is crumbling around our ears while we worry about keeping the fat cats fat and the middle class hooked on spending.

Part of me says screw the people losing money in the stock market. If they got extra cash for that, they are doing better than most of us.

But then I worry about the retired who will lose out on the pensions they've worked hard for. I worry for those nearing retirement who may have it all wiped out after a lifetime of doing the right thing.

And that still makes me madder than Loki being held against his will.

People who didn't do right. People who bought those houses way beyond their means and took out loans they didn't understand or just plain ignored what the consequences would be. They deserve to lose their homes. They deserve to have to file bankruptcy and ruin their credit.

They will be rewarded in some fashion for their poor choice. But my sensible mortgage that I can afford and have been paying faithfully on for years without a single late payment. I just get a larger tax bill to pay for all those others.

Now, I'm a flaming, tree-hugging liberal. I think social programs are important (I just think we do them WRONG here, crippling those we are supposed to be helping), but this isn't trying to give someone a hand out of poverty.

This is straight out rewarding the greed and shallow minded thinking of middle class Americans who should have known better.

Part of me says let it all collapse and let's take our lumps. And America will be better off in the long run when we get rid of the notion that middle class is a 500K home, SUV's and luxury cars for each member, shopping at designer stores, having the newest of every possible electronic device that comes out and Disney World two times a year.

Loki sez: Fine! I'll just live in a cardboard box then.

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