Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Born in the USA?

Not me. Not my baby brother. Not John McCain.

Then why were we all granted American citizenship upon our births?

One or both of our parents were American citizens.

This is why I never understood the rumors about Barack Obama being born in Kenya (which has been debunked and if it were true, do you really think that the Clinton campaign would not have found out and used it?).

And even IF it were true, he'd still be just as much a citizen as John McCain, me and my baby brother because his mother was an American citizen.

Loki sez: May we move on to another moot point please? Perhaps "why doesn't every politician walk around 24 hours a day with his/her hand over her heart just in case the Pledge of Allegiance might be recited at some point in the day and you certainly can't be photographed waiting for it to start before putting your hand to your heart."

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jaz said...

You're asking people who don't want to think to think.