Tuesday, September 02, 2008

It's All My Fault

Really, I'm sorry. Of course Hanna is coming to Charleston. Not only am I on the lock down list at the hospital, I'm having a procedure tomorrow that will leave me pretty much incapacited and unable to finalize my hurricane preparations.

Of course, Jason is stepping up to the plate. He is supposed to bring home more water and some canned goods.

And cash.

I've shown him the battery powered radio, the photo album evacuation tub, the tarps, the 10 gallon water cooler. I've given high wind/tornado instructions (cats in one closet, human in the other.

But see, he failed the number one question.

What is the first thing you do when you know the hurricane is coming within 50 miles?

He said, secure items in the yard.

No. The correct answer is take all the meat out of the freezer to defrost.

Then you secure the yard. Then you cook all the meat and put it in the fridge.

I have 15 minutes left before I enter my own private hell. Ya'll be good and safe.

Loki sez: Don't worry, if a hurricane comes, I'll grab Thor like this.

And hold him down like this!


Anonymous said...

Hope all goes well - sure it will!

However, on one point re: hurrican preparedness I beg to differ - the FIRST thing you do when issued a 'watch' is go to the store and buy: water, batteries and bread! That is SO ingrained in me that I still do that in California for every 'warning' - be it bad weather or fire. I've often looked around the store and wondered why everyone else doesn't have their grocery cart full of water, batteries and bread - didn't they hear a storm was coming?
When issued a 'warning' - then you go to the hardware store for plywood. After it is over, you go back to the hardware store to buy a generator, which, of course, are all sold out by that time, so you tell yourself to get one of those in case of another hit, but when the skies are blue, it seems like a ridiculous idea, until the next one. Hope you don't hear from Hannah, Ike or Josephine!

Vina said...

Maybe I can rent your cats to hold down my cats while I give them the hairball remedy "that cats LOVE!" (!!!) - which means they wrinkle their noses and go hide behind the couch. That's how much they love it.


Hope your procedure goes well and the weather holds off!

- M

JanetLee said...

Anon - that part is already done. I'm talking the "oh hell" moment when you know it is coming your way.

Vina - my cats hate that also! And it's expensive, like 8 bucks a tube just to have them sniff, eye roll, saunter off to talk about me behind my back.