Friday, September 12, 2008

Compare and Contrast

World War II - American public embraced rationing of gas, sugar, coffee and many other daily items. It was their patriotic duty to ration. Use less so more could have some.

Now - Some gas stations ask customers to limit purchase to 10 gallons in the face of POSSIBLE shortages that MAY BE caused when Hurricane Ike is finished with Texas. Your moment of patriotic duty to use less so more could have some.

Um, no. We panic, spread rumors, rush to the gas stations to GET OURS. Yell and scream and shake fists at our fellow Americans (seen with my own eyes at the station at Highway 61 and Dogwood while on my way to work last night). We suck up as much gas as we can, CREATING a local shortage which drives up the prices.

Smart. Terrorists don't even need to attack us physically anymore. All they have to do is spread rumors and we will happily run lemming-like to destroy ourselves, fighting like cats in a bag as my momma used to say.

If oil drilling in the Gulf is so critical to our national supply that the shut down for a few days in the face of a hurricane can cause this level of panic and price increases, what will happen when we are getting "most" (as proponants will have you believe) of our oil from expanded drilling off the coast of the Eastern seaboard? Production will be shut down multiple times during hurricane season.

Loki sez: The last ten cans of cat food are mine! Mine!


Anonymous said...

You are so clever! I wondered what I would do after Molly Ivins died and who would just tell it like it is, thank goodness I have you to read!

JanetLee said...

Clever? Rarely. Molly Ivins? Not in my wildest dreams.

Anonymous said...

Keep trying! Just get a little more humor in your cynicism!

I do miss her, I REALLY do; I want SOOO badly to hear what she would have to say about Palin.