Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Reporting From the Front Line

Monday, I went to the new Publix up the other end of Bee's Ferry Road. I told the cashier and the guy who bagged my groceries to "Have a good Christmas." They both wished me a "Merry Christmas" also.

Yesterday I went to Target to look at some stuff. I said Merry Christmas to every employee I encountered. I was told "Merry Christmas" and "thank you, you too".

Today I went to WalMart for some stuff. I said Merry Christmas to every employee I encountered and they all said either "Merry Christmas" or "the same to you" back.

I bought my tree at a place on the side of the road with a big huge sign advertising their "Christmas trees".

I received two "Merry Christmas" cards.

Three of my neighbors have nativity scenes in their yards.

Last week, I asked people who go to church if they were going to church to celebrate Christmas this year. I received several invitations to Midnight Mass, to Nativity plays and other worship services.

There are dozens and dozens of sappy Christmas movies and old timey Christmas cartoons playing.

You'd hardly believe there is a war going on.

Loki sez: But righteous indignation just feels soooooo good. Gets our dander all up and the blood pumping!


jaz said...

Viral marketing and media spinning pseudo-events out of thin air(making them seem "real") are nothing new.

People getting along with one another is boring. Yawn! What's on the other channel? Ooh.. people attacking one another's beliefs?

It's all about ratings.

Agricola said...

Guess that means the surge is working.....

pdo said...

I am not sure what your point is. Are you saying that we should not celebrate the birth of Christ untill there is peace everywhere on earth? Pam, South Bend

JanetLee said...

Pam - I'm saying that for all I've read about the "War on Christmas" and how celebration of Christmas is being denied to Christians in America, it sure seems like the celebration is in full swing here.

Margo said...

It's in full swing here, I know that much. By "here" I mean in me, in my heart - it's in full swing all year long. :-)

Don't you just love me, Janet?

Speaking of Christmas, I have you a present. I'll send it with Heather tomorrow night. I can't make it myself. :( Anyway, you are going to LOVE it! :-)

JanetLee said...

Margo - you know I think you are the bee's knees. But I'm confused. Is Heather going to be at the hospital tomorrow night, cos that's where I'll be.

Margo said...

Oops. I thought you were going to that little girlie outing that was planned. hmmm... Now your gift will more than likely not be a Christmas gift - something more like a 4th of July gift, because that's probably the time of year I'll see you again! LOL Too bad. You really are going to love it. It's Dynamite! ::hint::

JanetLee said...

Nope, didn't hear a word about a "girlie thing that was planned".

Margo said...

It was short notice. Heather didn't plan it. Janet did - I thought it was you, but I guess it was the other Janet. It's just for that national day for girls. I'm not sure what the whole thing is about. So some blogger girls are meeting downtown for dinner and the rule is you have to wear a crown. Cute, huh? ;-)