Thursday, December 06, 2007

The Media Needs to Take a Good Long Look at Themselves

This is unacceptable.

Scumbag kills eight people.

Scumbag leaves a note saying, "Now, I'll be famous."

Media completely complies and fills the airwaves, the Internet and print media with his face, his name, his motives, his life history.


There were eight of them.

I'm waiting on the day when the headline is: Scumbag kills Eight.

The story: about the innocent lives lost.

I'm waiting for the day when we remember the names of the victims, not the killers.

Next mass killing spree, anyone involved in the news production in this country will be just a little bit complicit.

Thor sez: I don't understand humans, you say you value life, but glorify killers!

(Edited now that I'm not so disgusted and can realize that a$$holes serve a useful purpose, unlike the scumbag who wanted to be famous.)


Kelly Love said...

Weird! I thought EXACTLY the same thing when I watched the Today show this morning. I wasn't quite awake yet, but couldn't help thinking, "wow, if there is an afterlife and it gets NBC, he's thinking 'I did it, I did it!'"


JanetLee said...

KLo- I think the media is feeling it too. They seem to have toned down the round the clock, saturation coverage that usually follows such an event.

pogren said...

AND what about our health care system if you can call it that....they refused any further mental health treatment for this young man because there was NO insurance!!!

JanetLee said...

P -don't get me started on the lack of mental health care in this country! Even those with insurance have little to no coverage for mental health!

Marcheline said...