Friday, December 07, 2007

Random Friday

Thor sez: Don't wanna be elf!

Hot topics at my house:

Does the Post and Courier purposely print the stupidest letters they receive?

Independent Internet journalists - are they really working under the same principles as print journalists who must be able to verify sources and facts to an editor?

What is up with all the feline butt sniffing? It's not like we have random strange cats wandering through the house.

Does Thor understand English?

Why did the note that the Charleston Water System put on my front door about smoke testing in my neighborhood instruct me to run water in all my taps to lessen the possibility of getting smoke smell in my house, then give me an 8 day range of when the test will take place? Am I supposed to run water for 8 days? Sounds like a scheme to run up my water bill.

Comic books. Why I don't read them. (Print is too small)

Living in the age of the sound bite, the media image and the commercialization of every aspect of American life.

How long I plan to leave the painter's tape around the kitchen walls if I have no real plans to continue painting ceilings.

Loki sez: Marshmallow: fruit, veggie or meat?

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