Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Dinner Time!

Okay, semi-major pet peeve rant. (Major pet peeve rant postponed until I've slept).

TV commercial. Perky white suburban mom checking off her list of stuff to do. Perky white suburban dad and perfect boy/girl children arrive with some fast food crap to eat for dinner. Mom gets even perkier and looks at her to-do list. "Dinner together, check!"

We'll skip right on by the whole fast food is not really food, certainly not dinner.

I'll just say this once. If you have to write down "have dinner with family" on a to-do list, then you are a poor parent.

I don't care if each of your darlings is just in soooooo many activities that there just isn't time for a family meal!

What is more important? Family or activities?

You cannot parent from the front seat of an SUV. You cannot parent over a tray of grease and sodium.

That's all.

Next: video games aimed at 3 and 4 year old children to "teach them to read". No it doesn't, it teaches them to entertain themselves with video games so when they are 8, 10, 15, 18, that is all they want to do. I taught my son to read with building blocks that had letters of the alphabet on them and his baby books.

Oh, yeah, and I sat down with him and taught him myself instead of plopping a game in his hand or turning on the television set. And I was working full time and I had a slack ass husband at the time. And I had no college degree at the time.

End rant.

Thor sez: What's she going on about now?
Loki sez: I dunno, just look hungry, I think we're getting an extra supper.


pogren said...

My most recent pet peeve....the ad featuring a mom in a Dr's office while her 4 year old reads to everyone in the waiting room....The kid is 4 and EVERY other parents in the room is made to look like a looser!!! My daughter is a teacher....some kids are eager to learn to read some are not....a child's play should be their learning.....not video games....not the computer...not forced flash cards....they will learn and they will love "being smart" if they aren't bullied into it!!!! Pam, South Bend

Marcheline said...