Tuesday, December 04, 2007

I Just Love the Smell of Irony in the Morning

From my buddy, Pat Robertson:

"It seems to me that if some-one is sure that the God they worship is the true God, then they won't get bent out of shape if some-one says a disparaging word. They have an inferiority complex or something."

Heard with my own two ears this morning on The 700 Club. Might not be completely word-for-word as I was quite busy picking my jaw up off the the floor.

Of all the things on this planet, agreeing with Pat on something is about the last thing I'd expect. I would of thought monkeys flying out of my butt more likely.

Course, he was talking about Muslims and I'm talking about everyone who claims a god, but we won't split that hair. Kthnx.

Imagine Little Patty - spewer of Jesus inspired tidbits such as we should just assassinate another country's leader, the preacher of the word of Christ who told us that God gave the Israeli Prime Minister a massive stroke and that God sent the planes into the World Towers because of gays and feminists (or was that his twin Falwell?) - he and I in agreement.

Just about brings a tear to my eye.

Loki sez: Should I email The Catholic League?

Thor sez: Or Philip Pullman?


Pam said...

Just too funny. Now, I think I can imagine that Pat might say one thing (one tiny little thing that isn't so tiny really) that you and he might see eye-to-eye on (without splitting hairs) but what made me REALLY laugh was - do you listen to The 700 Club often? The other day I 'caught' myself defending Britney Spears (don't ask) in the lab - you know, there was just a disconnect going on. Is it possible, that Pat is softening? Just a little? (In my head I'm seeing the image of the Grinch, when they show the inset of his heart growing).

ps What's up with the Blogger thing? I just can't have another account with a password. I'll explode.

JanetLee said...

Pam- Any insomniac can tell you, after 0300 all there is on television is info-mercials, news reruns and Holy Rollers. I was on call last night, lounging on sofzilla clicking through commericals for mineral make-up, acne cures, the Pedi-Egg, air spray make-up, how-to's on becoming a millionaire in my spare time, and Bill O'Liarly triple chin waggles when I landed on Pat at the right moment. I did skip his answer to a "letter-writer" (wink, wink) that was a set up to why we should just keep using oil instead of ethanol and other renewable sources. I can only take so much intellectual abuse.

Saphyre Rose said...

This is hard for me to type as I am lying on the floor after reading that bit!
You really shouldn't shock people like that when they are ill you know!
I wonder if he will recant the bit after thinking through what he said?
Nah, that would mean he was actually thinking!

Pam said...

Geez, now you've got my curiousity up. Pedi-Egg? Air-spray make-up? It's like a whole new world out there that I've been missing!