Monday, December 10, 2007

Monday Morning Smack Down

I've found myself extremely irritable this morning. My tolerance for willful stupidity has always been low, but it just seems we are being overrun with it.

I went from reading about women being murdered - beheaded and tortured and dumped in garbage piles because they were wearing the 'wrong clothes' to Christians in America once again whining about this supposed 'war' on Christmas.

Oh my ceiling cats! Someone said 'Happy Holidays' instead of 'Merry Christmas' - proof positive that Christmas is under attack and about to be abolished nationwide at any moment and you are all going to be required to participate in pagan rituals such as decorating Never mind.

Stop making up shit so you can play victim. Please.

So I gave up on Internet news and went to see what Matt Lauer had to say, even though Meredith Viera makes my teeth itch and I can't even say why. Matt informed that we were just "days" away from counting the votes in this election. Um, really? I mean I know it is less than a YEAR away, but days? Really? What, like 350 of them?

Then I got subjected to grinning, laughing "survivors" of the shootings at the church in Colorado, everyone just so thrilled to be on television talking about how God saved them personally. Come on, people from your church were just shot down, murdered days (or should I do a Matt Lauer and say hours?) before your most holy of days and you are laughing and smiling for the cameras?

See, told you I was grumpy. Even the kittens are grumpy.

Thor sez: I was here first!
Loki sez: It's my spot! Mine!

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