Sunday, December 23, 2007

I'm such a dweeb!

Okay, so I was at a Christmas party last night. At a really really really cool friend's house. I actually wore a skirt, panty hose and pointy toe shoes! (Never mind that I took the shoes off about two minutes upon arrival and roamed around barefoot - even on the front porch, it was a friend's house!) I usually only know a couple of people at her party because it is an eclectic group drawn from the many aspects of her life.

I try to be on my best behavior. But I am a shy person who tries not be shy so usually ends up saying something really stupid. Which I don't think I did last night. I hope I didn't.

And the gathering last night was no different. Lots and lots of muckety-mucks and important people who do really important and cool things. And me. The dweeb.

My hostess introduced me to a very nice lady and we chatted for a while about writing and books and The Charleston Women's Center and clothing sizes that shift as time marches on. And certain facts start to gel in my head and I'm coming to a conclusion about this lady. And suddenly I'm half tongue-tied and terrified I'll say something really idiotic when I glance across the room and my suspicions are confirmed when I see Jason talking to who I have now deduced is the lady's husband and a really really really really cool guy.

In a near panic that I am definitely going to blurt out something completely inappropriate and embarrassing, I excuse myself and dodge into the bathroom. Where I find the huge zit on the end of my nose.

Does high school ever end?

Loki sez: Only you.

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