Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Petty Christmas

No, not that kind of petty. And not NASCAR kind of Petty either. The strong streak of Connecticut Yankee in our DNA prevents such foolishness. (Really, cars, spewing foul smelling poison into the air, going around and around in a circ..zzzz..drool..excuse me, we were saying?)

No, I am talking about Tom Petty. And the Heartbreakers. Jason got the four disc epic Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers Running Down a Dream. A two disc rockumentary by Peter Bogdanovich. We watched the first disc last night and it was fantastic. Tom Petty shot to fame during my high school, young adult years so it was quite a trip back through memory lane to watch.

Remember when MTV played music? Good music? What a concept.

Haven't seen Johnny Depp's performance in the video for "Into the Great Wide Open" yet, I didn't even know it was him, but way back then, who did know who Depp was?

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and got good presents and ate too much food and laughed a little too much with family and friends.

Thor sez: I'm ready for New Year's Eve! Let's party!

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