Tuesday, July 24, 2007

There's Something in the Air

Could it be? Can there actually be a small spark of hope in my much abused and maligned blue soul? I think there is.

Here is something I have not been able to say in a very long time: I like so many of the candidates that I'm having a hard time choosing who I like the best.

Wow. Pardon me, I feel dizzy.

So, obviously I watched the CNN/You-Tube debates last night. And here is what I liked the very best: Real questions designed to get real answers. Y'all political experts can expound on whether those questions got answers.

I am happy because in the past, debate questions have been phrased in ways to stimulate discord and division and rancor. I liked this approach that allowed candidates to simply give their answers. I liked that there were virtually no attacks, that each candidate stuck to what they would do or what they thought on an issue.

That is what I, and I believe most Americans, Blue or Red or Purple, want to hear now. We've been listening to the kids bicker in the back seat for way too long now and have reached the point of "if I have to pull over...".

I am actually looking forward the the Republican debate in this forum to see how they handle honest questions from the common folk.

Thor sez: I'm voting for whoever makes the World Wrestling Championships a national holiday.

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Pam said...

I agree. I loved the questions, and many of the answers that I heard. Yippee!