Monday, July 02, 2007

Late Night TV

Did you know that by 0300, three a.m. for you civvies, there is nothing on but infomercials, repeating news broadcasts and cartoons? See what you learn when spending the night camped out on the couch awaiting a phone call to come back to work, we need you now?

There was a bright spot in all the drivel. I caught the tail end of a speech that Barack Obama gave somewhere in Ohio. I am really, really favoring this guy for 2008. Why?

Well, he is smart. He is articulate. He speaks like a real person, there are very few canned news-bite worthy phrases. But mostly because he was talking about ethics in the White House and its responsibility to the people of America. And he didn't bash the current residents (much). He didn't say how his competition wasn't capable of being ethical. He didn't hand out platitudes.

He had a list of specific things that he would require of himself and of the people who would work in his administration, if elected. A very specific list of things that were plausible and practical.

I like that. I like a man who is interviewing for a job who tells me why he is right for the job and how he would improve the job and how he would approach the challenges of the job.

I do not like people interviewing for a job who can do nothing but tell me why the other interviewees shouldn't be considered and what horrible terrible people they are.

That's what I think today.

Loki sez: Doh! And I just ordered a dozen Hillary signs for the yard!


jaz said...

A candidate speaking to the audience as though they were intelligent individuals to whom he would be accountable?

Providing specific examples of administrative changes he would make rather than vague "bumper sticker" style slogans?

Surely we will soon hear the voice of Rod Serling announcing that we have entered... the Twilight Zone.

Marcheline said...

Thassokay - just put "OUS" at the end of each.