Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I am My Grandparents

Remember when VCR's first came out? (If you don't, then hush up you fetus, I don't want to hear about it.) Remember your parents or grandparents bitterly complaining about how they couldn't make the danged thing work?

That is me now. I don't know how to freaking work anything. Jason had to show me how to make a phone call on his cell phone. I can start the DVD player, but that is it. I sort of know that you can put music on an I-Pod, but wouldn't be able to do it if you held a gun to my head.

And now we have this photo-shop thing. I figured out how to make funny captions on pictures. I even figured out how to put together a slide show. With music. But it's gone now because I don't know where in the hell the computer put it. Even file search is against me, saying it has no files by that name, when I know I saved it by that name because I freaking wrote it down.

And I know I wrote it down because I write everything down. I wander room to room with a post-it note pad in one hand and a pen tucked away in a pocket. Because I can't go from Room A to Room B without forgetting what I went to Room B for.

This is why my house looks like a teenage boy's room anymore (at least it doesn't SMELL like one though). I start to clean up Mess A, I take something from Mess A to return it to it's proper place in Place B. Then I begin to clean up Place B, which means I need something from Place C, where I find something that belongs in Place D.

Nothing ever gets done and I end up too exhausted to do anything anyway so I end up taking and arranging pictures of my cats. If I had grandkids, it'd be pictures of them.

Excuse me. I'm going to go jump in the creek now.

Thor sez: Wheeee! Jump like this!


Miz UV said...

I totally have to write things down lately -- and then I have to somehow remember to look at my notes. I'm not good with techie stuff either. Usually I get my 14 year old to help me. ~sigh~

pogren said...

Welcome to the club!!!! My 9 year old grandaughter is a wiz at all of the electronic stuff!!! Thank Goodness!!! Pam from South Bend

Marcheline said...

re: Photoshop

Just keep fiddling around with it. I learned all sorts of cool stuff with Photoshop just by clicking and saying "wonder what THIS does?"

P.S. Don't forget to "flatten image" if you cut and paste stuff into your pics, or it won't let you edit it further. I'm just saying.

Heather said...

There was a room at Axel's (the last restaurant I worked) that we swore stole your memory. It was not uncommon to walk in there to find two cooks and a server staring at the shelves trying to remember why they went in there in the first place.

Some of us adopted the habit of repeating what we needed under our breath, "large spoon, large spoon, large spoon" It only worked until you bumped into the coworker saying "half pan, half pan, half pan"