Monday, July 23, 2007

And the Oscar Goes To....

Loki for best lead actor in this morning's production of "Oh My God, She's Driving Me to My Most Horrible Death!"

The weak, fade away meows, punctuated only by the panting loud enough to be heard over the sweet tones of Carole King, the paw, reaching through the bars in supplication for mercy were a performance to behold.

Twenty freaking miles of it. One way.

Thor settled down around Middleton Gardens and actually took a nap on the way home.

But Loki, what a drama queen he is. Still under the bed. And the vet didn't even say he was too fat.

I'm going back to Harry Potter land now. Jason got first dibs on it and finished up yesterday afternoon. I'm diligently working my way through but a lifetime of reading in bed for a few minutes before turning out the lights has conditioned me to get very sleepy when reading. It didn't help that Jason would check my progress every once in a while, nodding and "mm-hmming" and telling me he couldn't wait until I finished so he had someone to talk to about it.

Loki sez: It was HORRIBLE! There were DOGS everywhere and they are SO loud and rude and then that man gave me SHOTS! I barely escaped with my lives!

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Marcheline said...

Barely escaped with my lives.... aaaarrrrrharharharrrrrrghhhhhhhh! You're KILLING me ovah heah! Hee hee heeeeeee! *snort*

That was a good one! Thanks for the laugh.