Thursday, July 12, 2007

People Are Strange

I read a letter in a magazine that I like to read. The writer had loved this magazine and enjoyed it for a while. But then one month the magazine had a blurb that took one side of an issue. The letter writer then proceeded to blast the magazine for having an opinion and not only was she never going to read this magazine again, she was going to tell everyone she knew not to read it and call every advertiser in the magazine and tell them that she wasn't going to shop with them. Over one difference of opinion.

Some person who I barely know is a big law and order kind of person. He loves to pontificate about how personal responsibility is the most important issue in the world. If people would just take 100% responsibility for everything they do and everything that happens to them, the world would be a much better place. But when he was breaking a traffic law and got into an accident, he blamed the other person, even though had he been following the traffic laws and being responsible, the accident probably wouldn't have happened.

A casual acquaintance is a user of an illegal plant like substance. He thinks it should be legal. He also thinks that Tommy Ravenel is being punished unfairly for having over a pound of cocaine to distribute amongst his friends.

I'd call it hypocritical, but I don't really think that is it. I think people don't know how to separate themselves, their personal selves and how an issue might impact them, from the issue at hand. We can no longer think in terms of 'good for the most', but only in 'good for me'.

Thor sez: Let me know when you start talking about catnip.

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